Free Computer Classes

The FREE Stepping Up courses are a partnership between Masterton Library and the 20/20 Trust that aim to help people learn basic digital skills. The courses are aimed at those who have been swept aside or left behind by the fast-moving digital world. They want to help you catch up!

Every term the library hosts at least ten different two hour courses ranging from ‘creating an email account’ to ‘how to use your smartphone’, and attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge their presenters and take away the lesson material for further practice.

The courses are designed to help the nervous and the novices who are keen to learn – we actively guarantee that we will use plain English, and if you are losing the thread then we want you to tell us so we can back up and help.

‘No student left behind’ is our motto!

Below are a list of the courses we run on a regular basis and also a link to the website where you can book yourself in to the session. If that is outside your comfort zone, don’t worry! Come and see us at the front desk and we can run you through it all and book you in ourselves!

  • Ancestry: Library Edition
  • Computer Basics
  • Digital Photos
  • eBooks and eReaders
  • Email 1 (Setting up an email account)
  • Email 2 (Using Email)
  • Employment 1 (Preparation)
  • Google and the Internet
  • Home Finances
  • Internet basics
  • RealMe
  • Skype
  • Spark Jump
  • TradeMe
  • Word 1 (Text Formatting)
  • Word 2 (Editing Documents)

Click here to view our upcoming courses