Fun Stuff for Kids

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Craft and Gardening Books

Our non-fiction Library shelves in the kids section are simply loaded with all sorts of fun activity books full to bursting with ideas, games, puzzles, things to do in the garden and craft events to do on rainy days... aswell as a whole heap of books in our tall books collection, our picturebook collection- and more! Come see for yourself, or ask one of our friendly library staff to show you where to look.

Puzzles, Mazes and Games

Fab stuff to find online

Print games and colouring pages
Explore the Kidzpage for great games, printable colouring pages, holiday games and activites..

Comics, maths and fun games
Enter Funbrain to read comics, play ball and other games in the arcade

Quizzes, activities, puzzles and more
Learn while you play lots more games online on the Kids Discovery website

Create your own music tracks
Have an awesome adventure mixing your own music track on the Inudge website.

Help end hunger in the world
Visit the Free rice site - use your knowledge and skills to help feed the hungry through the World Food Programme.