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Who died?

009 Iraia Te Whaiti was among the prominent Wairarapa citizens killed by the influenza

A register of deaths from the files of the Wairarapa Age and Wairarapa Daily Times, listing those who died in Wairarapa and those from Wairarapa who died out of the district.

14 November
Orion Knight; Charles Clarke; John Hart; George Brown; Jean Hall

15 November
Dr William Bey; Mrs Louisa Donaldson; Thomas Fisher

16 November
Mrs J Olliver; Charles Cross; Captain Potton; Iraia Te Whaiti; John Dunn, William Coleman

18 November
James Jones; T H Murray; Alma Pickering; Charles Madden; Cecil Wilton; William Henderson; Mrs Lawn; Peter Holes

19 November
James Moore; Mrs Donald McKenzie; J.K. Carpenter

20 November
Mrs John Judd; G. Phillips; E. Falconer; Mrs John McPhee; Mrs Frank Dixon; Mrs S. Harris; Helen Potangaroa; George Smith; J. Huntley; W. Carruthers

21 November
Gordon Mackay; Arthur Byrn; Alex Haines; Mrs Alfred J. Kempton; Alan Fisher; Mrs Parker; James Giloolly; A.W. Miller; Lambert child

22 November
Louis Mohekey; Bfikha; Mrs Carl Petersen; R. Clifton; H.J.E. Meyrick; W. Bowles; Mrs William Mundy

23 November
Mrs T.F. King; C.E. McKeown; Jacob Siemonek; John Page; Mrs George Yalden; Mrs W.J. Smith; Hugh McPhee; F.G, Bambry; Alfred Potter

25 November
Mrs Clifford Remington; Mr H.J.C. Young; Mrs G.H. Smith; R.Crawley; Reverend Father Cronn; John Kilgour; Thomas H. Wickens; C. Wilmshurst; James Palmer; Mrs A.S. Rasmussen.

26 November
Claude Wales; D. Stevens; Reverend Father Lewis; William Bowie; Mabel Hunter; Neil McLaren; William Fergusson; Molly Orr

27 November
Frances Davis; William Olliver; John L Potter; Allan Caldwell; Norman Beetham; James Holland; Mrs T.E. Braggins; Millicent Walker; Rupert Crawley; Frederick Coolie; Mrs W.F. Knowles; Mrs W.S. Gallon; Kenneth A. Abbott; Clarence Bicknell; Edward Johnson

28 November
Charles J. Hart; Albert Schaawe; Albert A. Drake; Len Mexted; William Rayner; infant Coley; Frederick Fear; Mrs R.O. Smith; Mrs Edric Williams; Harold Knowles; Hiria Matenga; D. Bowyer

29 November
Mrs J.A. Laing; Mrs H.H.S. Ryder; Mrs Rita Brightwell

30 November
Rupert Morrison; Mrs Frank Brightwell; Mrs Donald McCalmont; Lieutenant T.A. Clarke

2 December
W. Gibbs; John Boxhall; Mrs J.W. Andrews

3 December
Mrs J.B. McKenzie; T.S. Waugh; Takere Haeata; Henare Haeata; Mangagai Mason

4 December
Mrs Archie McPhee; Alexander Johnston

5 December
Herbert Simpson; Mrs Nicholas; Alex Murray

6 December
William Wrigley; William Whiting

7 December
Mrs Arthur Karaitiana; William Karaitiana

8 December
Emma McEwen

10 December
Phillip Wallis; Arthur Karaitiana; Puti Paraone

11 December
Mrs Len Williams; Wainohui; Mrs Rautenu; Roland Anaru; and Apano

12 December
Mr Watchman; Wi Paraone;

13 December
Richard Wickham; Alice Wilson; Master Kilminster

16 December
Lilian Harding; Mr Broughton; infant Maori

19 December
Mary Paget

23 December
J.H. Thomas; Reverend J.W. Russell

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